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Nobili Interior Design offers interior design services for private residencesandcommercialspaces. We are a company specialized in thefield of interior design andmany of theprojectsthatwetakeandfinish are focusedespecially on theelaboration of concepts of classic, modern, Mediterraneanstyle design for luxurioushousesandvillas. Demandsfrom online customers are diverse andinvolvebothupstairshouses, as well as attic villaswith at leastfiverooms, homes for whichtheprinting of a stylethatrevealsthecharacter of theownerisdesired.
The interior design projects are made by Gabriela Nechifor senior designer withinthe company.
The bathroom, thekitchen, thehallway, the living room or thebedroomwillbeanalyzed in thesmallestdetailsandwewillconceive design plansthatwillleadto a wholewhole of quality, as youhavealwaysimagined. We put the price on thepalette of colorsused, webringtothe front uniquepieces of uniquefurniture made for yourhome, andwe impregnate a special stylewiththe interior decoration.
In recent years, interior design with great speed has evolved and undergone great changes. Began to appear quite bold ideas, original approaches. But, nothing could change a person’s love for traditional and classical things. Moreover, more and more of our customers turn to us with a request to create an interior in classical style and especially in modern classics. This and people are quite old, and very young couples, gresie si faianta baie italgraniti | gresie si faianta baie colectia imperial | designer interior | | producatori gresie si faianta preturi | | firma amenajari interioare constanta | mobila dormitor clasic Constanta | modele gresie si faianta baie | arhitect designer interior | firma design interior bucuresti.
We think all because the “modern classic” style in the interior gives peace and comfort, the confidence that it will not go out of fashion and will remain relevant for many years. After all, people invest in the creation of their “cozy nest” not for a couple of years, categorii design interior | | firma nikydecor google | | | | | arhitect interior bucuresti | vanzari piele naturala | piele bovina de vanzare | piele naturala colorata | arhitect designer interior romania | piele naturala finisata.

So what are the main features of the style “modern classic” and how can you not confuse it with other styles and how not to overdo it. We will try to help you figure it out.
Earlier we talked about the features of the classical style. We will not repeat. Modern classics on one side – it’s luxury and wealth, on the other hand it’s universal allows you to create a unique and unique space with little expense. And everyone loves it. Within reasonable limits, you can include elements of the style “loft”, “Scandinavian” and even “minimalism, designer interior pret | design interior | arhitectura de interior | piele naturala metru | firme de design interior | piele naturala canapele | arhitect designer interior constanta | piele naturala groasa | | fete de masa damasc satinat | gabriela design interior |fete de masa bumbac satinat | fete de masa rotunde restaurant | designer interior preturi | fete de masa rotunde nunta | firme design interior bucuresti |fete de masa rotunde brocard | fete de masa damasc satinat | arhitect design interior bucuresti | fete de masa bumbac satinat | fete de masa evenimente de vanzare | designer interior romania.

The main features of the “neoclassical”.

The most important beginning of creating a style is a competent layout. Modern classics do not allow the presence of numerous walls and partitions. The main thing is space. Create a sense of space, that’s where you need to start. Optimum is the presence of large windows and high ceilings, fete de masa bumbac restaurant | perdele si draperii ignifugate | producator fete de masa restaurant | gresie si faianta constanta pret | | arhitect designer interior constanta | | firma design interior | design interior cluj pret | | magazin gresie si faianta constanta | pantone pro interior | | arhitect design interior pret | fete de masa rotunde damasc | | gresie si faianta baie bucuresti | parchet stratificat kahrs |
Colors and shades. Preference is given to a light and calm color scheme. We use colors that will make the room visually free. White, beige, light gray, light brown, milk and cream color, as well as noble brown, is the basic color combination used by interior designers to create this style. It does not mean that we can not use rich and vivid accents. But this is only as a small accent. In furniture and accessories, | | | | arhitect constanta | fete de masa restaurant | | fete de masa rotunde restaurant | firme amenajari interioare Constanta | design interior casa | promo web youtube |amenajari interioare restaurante | |

3. The lines in the interior should be straight and symmetrical. There are several elements from the classics in the form of stucco moldings and moldings with curls, but they need to be applied so carefully and not much to create an “empire” or “baroque style”. Relevant elements will be the presence of paired elements in the form of furniture – armchairs and sofas, lamps, other accessories, | | | | | design interior case | | | | | | |

4. Materials. In modern classics, various materials are widely used in decoration. Here, marble with granite in combination with metal and glass is also appropriate. A natural tree can be combined with wood paneling. Silk textiles with natural linen. The main thing is to combine them skillfully. And designers know and know how to do it, design interior constanta | | | | design interior bucuresti | | | |

5. Quality finish. This is very important and therefore, make high demands on those who will be engaged in finishing works. Modern classics, despite the admissibility of elements from the “loft”, does not allow negligence and poor-quality materials. Wallpaper and other decoration materials should be restrained and simple, but not cheap. Stucco must be properly selected and carefully glued, dyed. When using decorative plaster, it is good to use calm and unobtrusive textures. And also the work of the master should be on top, | | | | | arhitect Constanta | firma design interior bucuresti | Nobili Interior Design on Behance | design interior casa braila | design interior case sibiu | design interior case clasice | design interior constanta |

6. Sex. It’s best if you stop on a neutral option. A good one is natural wood, stone, granite, granite, ceramic tile or carpet. Everything can be used, but only in a calm range. Decorators are advised to use several materials-put a neutral carpet on the neutral floor, but a different color, firme design interior Cluj | mobila dormitor clasica preturi | | design interior galati | design interior pitesti | fete de masa restaurant pret | poze design interior case | blog design interior | proiecte de design interior | arhitectura design interior | design interior case | studio de design interior.

7. Furniture. Modern classics are best created if in the decoration of walls, ceiling, use classical elements, and in furniture, lamps – modern. The kitchen should take all the best from different styles. Traditional surfaces from natural wood and stone with shiny metal, classical facades with super modern household appliances of minimalist design, firme amenajari interioare braila | firme amenajari interioare bucuresti | firme amenajari interioare constanta | fete de masa restaurant | fete de masa bumbac teflonat | arhitect designer interior bucuresti | mobila dormitor clasica pret | interior design classic modern | arhitect designer interior cluj | consultanta design interior | amenajari interioare case clasic | fete de masa restaurant pret | gresie si faianta baie | design interior case.

8. Accessories. As we stressed above, a minimum of bright accents. Modern classics absorbed the spirit of classicism-stucco, candlesticks, openwork frames, etc., but they must be used carefully. Do not overdo it. It is better, for example, to hang one mirror in a carved frame for gold and then stop with the classic accessories and decor elements, design interior case brasov | piele naturala pret | design interior case pitesti | | | vanzari piele naturala | fete de masa rotunde restaurant | firme de design interior | parchet stratificat karelia | lustre candelabre italia | lenjerii de pat hotel | | gresie si faianta baie pret | | | usi clasice de interior facebook.
This is a small part of what we call “characteristic features of style.” We hope that the main points for creating a “modern classic” style we took into account. And I want to conclude in conclusion that you will love this style and stop your choice on it. After all, it will create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, tranquility and confidence, | | | | | | | | | nobili design google | design interior case clasice | profile site nobili design | arhitectura de interior pret.
It’s no secret that buying a kitchen now is not a big problem. But to design it correctly to make it comfortable, fashionable, functional, you need experience. In the salons of kitchens and furniture, you, of course, will offer a variety of options, but only professionals in the field of design will help you fully meet your exquisite needs.

1. Choosing the color scheme.

Gone are the bright red, bright blue and other bright colors of kitchen furniture in the summer. Now in a more quiet, light with a little accents in the kitchen. Of course, the color, texture, depend on the chosen style of interior design. For modern style, white kitchens are very popular with the addition of finishes and elements of wood and concrete. For popular among the youth style “loft” is also used metal, brickwork on the walls. fete de masa restaurant | firma design interior cluj | | | | | | gynecomastia surgery london price | | | | | | fete de masa restaurant | producatori fete de masa restaurant | fete de masa damasc preturi | gynecomastia surgery london price | | | | | | | | | Whois domaintools – Nobili Interior | Whois domaintools – Nobili | Whois domaintools – Nobili | Whois domaintools – Niky | fete de masa rotunde restaurant | concepts interior design.

Din ce în ce, proprietarii de case care caută un mod ieftin de a-și face casa mai viabilă și de a crește atractivitatea curbelor cu un ochi spre revânzare sunt îmbrățișând tendința națională de a crea spații de locuit în aer liber, design interior case constanta | design interior apartamente bucuresti | design interior case craiova | design interior case stil clasic | design interior case | design interior casa clasica | design interior case poze | design interior case moderne | interioare case moderne | design interior case constanta.
Aceste zone oferă, de obicei, spații pentru distracția prietenilor și a familiei în timpul grătării, mesei, mâncării și relaxării. Asta înseamnă adesea spațiu pentru un patio, un grătar, o chiuvetă sau un șemineu. Unii consideră că adăugă o cameră de familie fără acoperiș, design interior case constanta | design interior casa cu mansarda | amenajari interioare case constanta | firme design interior constanta | proiect design interior casa | amenajare interioara casa constanta | designer interior constanta | design interior craiova | design interior casa constanta.
Pentru mulți, tehnica de construcție pe care o alegeți atunci când creați aceste spații necesită utilizarea unui pavaj din beton segmentat. Această tehnică utilizează unități de interblocare – numite pavaje de beton – care sunt puternice, durabile și cresc în popularitate la nivel mondial. În Germania, de exemplu, există o suprafață de 15 metri pătrați de pavaje instalate pe persoană anual. În Olanda, majoritatea străzilor și trotuarelor sunt realizate din pavaje, design interior casa targoviste | design interior casa urziceni | design interior casa giurgiu | design interior preturi | stil clasic design interior | design interior casa pitesti | design interior casa clasic.
Deseori folosite în pavaj, terase, plaze și proiecte istorice de restaurare, pavajele sunt fabricate într-o varietate de forme, texturi și culori și pot fi ușor îndepărtate și reinstalate.

Un fel de proiect de amenajare a locuinței, unde pavajele sunt din ce în ce mai folosite, este un patio ridicat. Aceste terase sunt cunoscute pentru durabilitatea lor și pot crea un nou sentiment de spațiu într-o curte, în special atunci când sunt extinse pentru a satisface o punte existentă. Astfel de spații pot fi utilizate ca o zonă de divertisment în aer liber, complet cu cada cu hidromasaj sau gratar, design interior casa constanta | design interior casa clasica brasov | design interior casa moderna | design interior casa moderna bucuresti | design interior casa calarasi | design interior casa moderna brasov | design interior casa moderna braila | design interior casa galati | design interior apartament bucuresti | design interior casa bucuresti | design interior casa clasic.
Există o serie de motive pentru care pavajele au devenit populare în proiecte precum:

• Dimensiunea și calitatea uniformă le permit să se potrivească strâns împreună pentru o suprafață puternică, interconectată.

• Amestecurile de pavaj permit o mișcare mică de mișcare fără crăpare. Asta înseamnă că nu se vor sparge ca betonul asfaltat sau turnat în loc.

• Design-ul lor le face ușor de instalat și reparat

• Sunt disponibile într-o varietate largă de forme, culori și texturi.

• Și pot fi instalate fie de un profesionist, fie de un specialist în domeniu, design interior bucuresti | design interior casa constanta | design interior casa braila | design interior casa pipera | design interior casa brasov | design interior casa pitesti | design interior casa constanta.
Unul dintre cele mai noi stiluri oferă aspectul de înaltă calitate a pietrei pentru un preț mai modest. Se numesc pavele “scufundate” sau “antichitate”, care pot fi folosite pentru a adăuga un aspect impresionant la o pasarelă, o curte interioară sau o aterizare, design interior casa prahova | design interior casa urziceni | Harta site.